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Our IT security experts offer fully compliant, Information Assurance (IA) cybersecurity services. We ensure that threats to digital business assets are met with a cost-effective approach to IT security technologies implementation and strategies that ensure no data is lost or system breached. We can assess your IT infrastructure and the overall threat landscape and create a […]

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About Us

WHO WE ARE CyberGuider Information Technology (IT) Services Inc. is a cybersecurity service firm that helps clients improve their  IT security posture while providing cybersecurity consultancy. Our work allows organizations to successfully implement and maintain compliance with the industry’s best practices as regards digital security standards. We are a trusted partner for businesses who rely […]

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Knowledge Base

CyberGuider IT Services is pleased to share the resources we have gather over the years and provide recommendations based on that for IT Security such as: Training, Podcast, Tools, Capture The Flag (CTF) and a bit more.

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IT Security Resume WorkOut Plan

The demand for Information Technology (IT) Security professionals is growing at a crazy speed because of the various breaches. Organizations are looking for  bright and resourceful personnel to fill these positions. This ultimately is driving  recruitment of professional IT Security talent on a daily basis to the point that almost all colleges have an IT […]

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Reliable Information Security Solutions Partner As the digital technology industry continues to grow, so does the digital threat landscape. More than ever, organizations need to adapt their systems and leverage the services of IT, Cyber Security Experts, or risk specialists like CyberGuider IT Services. As leaders in managed cybersecurity services, we’ll focus on areas of […]

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