CyberGuider IT Services resources were developed to assist and provide support to individuals of all levels of understanding regarding the transition to an information technology (IT) security career with the use of CyberGuider.

Our experience has shown that this is a convoluted process due to the differences in opinion on a clear path to success. For example, the navigation between academics versus certification is an often-discussed topic without a clear consensus. Our guidance model to assist in developing you as a newcomer on the path to success in the IT Security field is based on the years of experience of real world IT security professionals.

Our provides resources to help remove some of the confusion and clarify your IT Security path through scenario-based blog articles. These articles are informational to help explain security concepts/terms in a simple format. The next step is up to you for whether or not you make this transition to IT Security; before you make that leap, you should determine if this transition is right for you and other questions. Here are a few CyberGuider self-assessment questions to get you started on your decision to pursue a career in IT security:

  • WHY is IT security important to you?
  • WHY is the IT Security career the right move for you now?
  • WHY are you making the transition to an IT Security career?
  • HOW much time can you devote to the building your craft?
  • ARE you willing to constantly learn new things?
  • DO you work well by yourself?
  • WHAT are your salary requirements?

Answering those questions is a good starting point. As an IT security enthusiast, we need to know where we are headed. Despite the reality that we all have very different backgrounds related and unrelated to IT and education, we all have a role in IT security. Our goal is common, to be proficient at our craft and to provide world class service to our clients in an efficient, risk-based and cost effective way.  We hope that this site will be a guide to help you achieve your goals of becoming an IT Security professional.