Why is my Doctor trying to KILL ME?

As I sat waiting on the examination table to begin my annual physical, I browsed the Internet from my iPhone on the office’s FREE Wi-Fi. At the time I thought, this is the worse, but then I heard screaming from a nearby room. My doctor walked into my room prepared and ready to go with […]

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Not even the custodian likes IT security personnel at times

Today at the office was a routine day in the life of security guy. I got my coffee refilled, adjust my monitors and got busy with the daily security related tasking. Things were good until I decided to take a call which meant leaving my desk. Upon my return to the lock door, I notice […]

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What the CTF?

It has been said time and time again that if you can’t detect it, you can’t protect it, but what the heck does that really mean? Many organizational leaders’ gets their wires crossed on this matter by believing that they need to purchase the latest and greatest network defense software, appliance or tools that their […]

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