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Learn to Become an IT Security Expert …learn from the best and earn with the rest Are you seeking a career in IT Security? Here is an opportunity for you to become an expert in IT Security. Our mission is to provide a safe space for professions that would like to transition to a career […]

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CyberGuider IT Services resources were developed to assist and provide support to individuals of all levels of understanding regarding the transition to an information technology (IT) security career with the use of CyberGuider. Our experience has shown that this is a convoluted process due to the differences in opinion on a clear path to success. […]

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…widening your reach in the cyber world Find a career coach, learn from professionals and improve your lifestyle With the growing number of organizations being breach due to Information Technology (IT) Security weakness in today’s digital landscape, organization are paying more attention and investing to protect their assets from cyber-attacks. One way to keep your […]

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