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CyberGuider offers Information Assurance (IA) as a service to organizations seeking to meet or adhere to Compliance Standards (i.e. NIST, FISMA, FedRAMP, CMMC-AB); while providing our individual clients professional career development services for new comers.

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Our Resources

Our resources such as blog articles and write-ups, serves has an simplified approach to understanding key IT Security concepts and path to solutions in real world format to mitigate risk.

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Our Community

Knowledge sharing is key to the success of everyone; this is why CyberGuider seeks to partner with local entities to provide a range of IT Support/Security focus training sessions.

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…widening your reach in the cyber world

Find a career coach, learn from professionals and improve your lifestyle

With the growing number of organizations being breach due to Information Technology (IT) Security weakness in today’s digital landscape, organization are paying more attention and investing to protect their assets from cyber-attacks. One way to keep your data and digital assets safe are by improving your cybersecurity strategies and security posture. The goal of these set of cybersecurity strategies that prevent unauthorized access to personal/organizational assets such as computers, networks, physical assets and data. It maintains the integrity of private information, reducing/mitigating the impact to its customers.

Over the years, we have heard about different breaches of security in organizations such as: Twitter, Equifax, Sony, Yahoo, My Fitness Pal and many others. As a result of this, IT Security experts have become more valuable and useful in society in general by helping organizations protect digital assets, users and data from potential cyber-attacks. That’s why IT Security professionals have become one of the most demanded and highest paying career path. So, are you seeking a career in IT Security or looking to hire a cyber-expert that can secure your data and confidential files from cyber threats?

You are in the right place! Go see how Our Services were designed with you in mind.

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