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Category Archives: professional development

Jetty 1 – VulnHub WriteUp

It’s that time again when we challenge our skills in an effort to learn something new daily and VulnHub as provided yet again. Jetty 1 by MrSquid; gave us the opportunity to pay attention to details and use cool tools. Let’s jump in but before we do so, Please read the warning below. Public Service […]

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WarZone2 – VulnHub WriteUp

We do not know all things Penetration Testing or Hacking but what we do know is OUR WILLINGNESS to constantly share what we know with you. They are probably better ways to hack the VulnHub WarZone2 Virtual Machine (VM) by AL1ENUM, but here is our take on WarZone2. Today we are doing a walk through […]

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Hogwarts – VulnHub WriteUp

As a Penetration Tester, the constant need to practice our skills is required to improve our penetration testing (PT) abilities. Thus making this process a deliberate and willful one in order to be better at our craft. As a result, this write up serves our practicing and sharing. This walk-through will guide you as you […]

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Contact Us

To assist organizations meet Information Technology (IT) security requirements and compliance consultants and services on how to protect their data from cyber-attacks by implementing resiliency in your environments. Our phone lines and email are always open to take your calls and messages. A dedicated client support personnel will provide all the information you need. Contact […]

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Our IT security experts offer fully compliant, Information Assurance (IA) cybersecurity services. We ensure that threats to digital business assets are met with a cost-effective approach to IT security technologies implementation and strategies that ensure no data is lost or system breached. We can assess your IT infrastructure and the overall threat landscape and create a […]

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About Us

WHO WE ARE CyberGuider Information Technology (IT) Services Inc. is a cybersecurity service firm that helps clients improve their  IT security posture while providing cybersecurity consultancy. Our work allows organizations to successfully implement and maintain compliance with the industry’s best practices as regards digital security standards. We are a trusted partner for businesses who rely […]

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Assemble Your Crew

Over the years, we constantly tell newcomers to the field of Information Technology (IT) Security to “GET INVOLVE” in the Security community, but do we truly tell them how or where to begin. If you are new to a field the last thing you want to be is a poser. In the past, CyberGuider has […]

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Outreach Program

In the information security attack surface, people are usually the weakest link, and with the advent of innovative technologies like intrusion detection systems, antivirus and others, attackers are now turning their targets into users. Anyone can be deceived into giving away confidential information, but with effective security awareness training, individuals like students and regular IT […]

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Initially as an IT auditor my focus during client assessments was to examine documented evidence of security control implementation. This did not allow me the opportunity to have hands on experience with the technical testing of security controls that were also being assessed. The CyberGuider team provided mentor-ship and insight into the hands on technical testing […]

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