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Bypassing AV (Windows Defender) … the tedious way.

I was on a penetration test when i was able to acquire a set of admin credentials. This wasn’t a red team engagement, so there was no issues lighting up their AV with some of our tools but I always try to stay as silent as possible until close to the end or the assessment. […]

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You’re too easy…

The average computer user does not think much about the amount of information he or she shares with others whether in-person, online or at random venues. They just want to be seen and heard because that is how the world works now. If you are not connected to a social media entity, you, my friend, […]

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Often times as information technology (IT) security professionals (a.k.a. Security Pros), we meet others who are interested in what we do for a living. The transfer of knowledge serves as a good way to promote IT security and often kick-starts an impromptu IT security awareness discussion. However this brings more than its average share of […]

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Where do you fit in the realm of Information Security field?

Today’s job market has seen a dramatic growth in the information security arena and emphasis on the importance of personal and technical security. For example, identify theft, web attacks and information leakage, such as WikiLeaks and NASA have garnered international attention. These incidents have fueled the job market demands for more information security professionals. Potential […]

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Not even the custodian likes IT security personnel at times

Today at the office was a routine day in the life of security guy. I got my coffee refilled, adjust my monitors and got busy with the daily security related tasking. Things were good until I decided to take a call which meant leaving my desk. Upon my return to the lock door, I notice […]

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