Why custodian HATES IT Security?

Routine day in the life of IT security guy; getting coffee refilled, adjusting monitors and busy daily security related task. Things were good until I decided to take a personal call which meant I had to leave my desk.

Upon my return, lock door in front, RESTRICTED ACCESS notice on full display. I notice the custodian standing there waiting on someone to allow them in. Knowing it would not be me less it would be disregarding all the IT AWARENESS training I have gotten. This is brings us to the article key term “Piggy-Backing“. However, I was not sure so I decided to stay on the call longer just to make sure my assessment was accurate.

It was confirmed when as soon as the call ended they went directly to the door handle instead of the badge reader and looking at me as if I was the apparent one holding up the process. I should have known better by my assessment of the entire scene.

  • The custodian was new on this floor
  • The custodian didn’t have any badge nor proper ID for accessing the restricted area
  • The custodian did have proper uniform and tools for the job

The real question is “did I let the custodian access the “RESTRICTED AREA” on my badge?” Well….No. I did assist them by asking questions such as “Are you if the new crew for our floor? and followed up with “Because I have never seen you on this floor before”. I then explained that I would love to badge them into the office; however powers that be does not allow me to do so, Their face changed from friendly to “I DON’T LIKE YOU” plus you are “I NEED MY MONEY”. I quickly offered to help by asking if they would like for me to get someone with the permission to allow them access on this floor. Their face changed back to “YOU HANDSOME DEVIL”. I express my gratitude for your hard-work and contacted the onsite Physical Security Officer (PSO) who assist with their access level to the building.

The PSO provided them with new badges to ensure that this does not happen again. We all laugh in sync and I immediately spoil the mood by saying “YOU KNOW OCTOBER is Security Awareness Month”…then silence washed over us and we went our separate ways.


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