Discover the wealth of resources we’ve gathered over the years to help you secure your systems effectively. From comprehensive training courses to informative podcasts and essential tools, CyberGuider IT Services is your go-to partner for IT Security expertise.

  1. Training: Learn from our experienced instructors in our tailored courses designed to meet your needs. Master the latest techniques for defending against malicious attacks and securing your systems.
  2. Podcasts: Stay informed about the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity by tuning into our enlightening podcast series. Gain insights from industry experts, discuss current trends, and get practical advice to bolster your defenses.
  3. Tools: Equip yourself with the best tools for securing your systems. From password managers to vulnerability scanners, these essential resources will empower you to protect your assets confidently.
  4. Capture The Flag (CTF): Test your skills in our thrilling Capture The Flag events! Compete against other cybersecurity enthusiasts and hone your hacking and defensive abilities.
  5. Many more: We’re always searching for new resources to help you stay ahead of the game. Check back regularly for updates, or contact us to learn about additional ways we can support your IT Security efforts.
TrainingsInformationalCapture The Flag (CTF) Onsite/LocalGitHub Projects & ToolsCyber PodcastYouTube’s
Offensive SecurityAbusing SUDOHackTheBoxCBHUE ToolsSANS Internet Storm CenterOWASP Foundation
CybraryBash Guide for BeginnersTryHackMeSecurity WeeklyJohn Hammond
EH AcademyCommandLine KungFuPentesterLabDroopescanRisky Business4SkidsTV
CourseraCounterHackVulnHUBCobbr -Covenant PrivESCCyber by MotherboardInfoSec
Docker for Pentestersg0tmi1kHard ForkLiveOverflow
Ethical Hacking SUDOSecListProfessor Messer
GTFOBinsWrapMAP – Recon
Living Off The Land Binaries and Scripts – LOLBAS
DC Shadow Attack
NMAP Cheat Sheet
NetCat Port Scan
Local File Inclusion Cheat Sheet
SANS Institute Reading Room
Secure Planet
The Book of Secret Knowledge
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