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Bypassing AV (Windows Defender) … the tedious way.

I was on a penetration test when i was able to acquire a set of admin credentials. This wasn’t a red team engagement, so there was no issues lighting up their AV with some of our tools but I always try to stay as silent as possible until close to the end or the assessment. […]

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You’re too easy…

The average computer user does not think much about the amount of information he or she shares with others whether in-person, online or at random venues. They just want to be seen and heard because that is how the world works now. If you are not connected to a social media entity, you, my friend, […]

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Often times as information technology (IT) security professionals (a.k.a. Security Pros), we meet others who are interested in what we do for a living. The transfer of knowledge serves as a good way to promote IT security and often kick-starts an impromptu IT security awareness discussion. However this brings more than its average share of […]

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